Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Winner of "The Glow"

1 song. 2 weeks. 23 entries.

The Glow contest is finally over. After going through each entry thoroughly,I have finally come to the decision you all have been waiting for. It took a long time, simply because so many of them were great and deserved to be mentioned. I decided to give you the top 5 entries. Peep heem after the break!

3. 9-EL

I will be contacting ALL of you about future projects and features. So stay tuned. Big shoutout to LauRen and TreQues for the help on voting. And thanks to everyone who participated, just because you didn't make the top 5 doesn't mean I didn't like your entry, these just stood out to me and the other judges.

PS Hit me up if you wanna know where you placed!

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